D Magazine's FrontBurner has an update on the HSUS report.

Ms. Machowski from HSUS seems to have chosen her words very carefully.  And then once it is out, is the City saying it won’t be public for another 30 days after that?  The article – perhaps intentionally – seems to bring up more questions than it answers.  Read  it HERE.  And take a quick look at the 2001 report while you are at it.  Assistant City Manager Forest Turner has somehow condensed all 115 pages into 120 words on a on-page table, and implies more than half of the recommendations have already been implemented.  Really?  And they’re presenting their “summary” of the 2001 report to the Quality of Life Committee on Monday.  That’s going to be really misleading.   Guess we need our own version.  Stay tuned…..


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