You’ve never seen an annual report like this one

The City of Dallas Animal Shelter Commission Annual Report for Fiscal year 2009-2010 is out and it certainly makes for some interesting reading!

The report starts with a scathing overview by the Commission, outlining instances of “lack of leadership and supervision; improper management; criminal actions; breakdowns in communication; major facility issues; charges of intimidation and witness tampering; and more”. It reads like the screenplay to an explosive new television drama.

The overview concludes with a sobering observation: a 2010 review of Dallas Animal Services by the HSUS made observations and recommendations “virtually identical to those made nine years ago” in a previous HSUS Report. “The Commission supported the recommendations made then, and supports those in the HSUS 2010 Report as well. But these recommendations are only as good as their implementation. They will remain just words on paper—like so many of those from a decade ago—unless and until the City of Dallas, from the Mayor and City Council to the City Manager and on down the line, commits to making the necessary changes; to hiring the best and the brightest to lead and manage; and to ensuring that compassion is the guiding force at Dallas Animal Services.”

The report goes on to outline the 251 recommendations, based on best practices in the animal sheltering industry, providing the Commission’s response to each of them. Overall, “the Commission is in agreement with these findings and recommendations and the only thing left to do is to implement them”.

If the recommendations can be put into action, it will be a game changer for Dallas Animal Services and for companion animals in this city. It truly is “Now or Never for Dallas Animal Services” so let’s push to get it done!

Read the full report here.


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