Now or Never – It’s Not Now After All

Perhaps it was wishful thinking, unbridled enthusiasm, or just misplaced faith in the City of Dallas to do the right thing.  Whatever it was – it was premature.

Sadly, things are not OK at Dallas Animal Services, despite having one of the most well-respected animal sheltering professionals in place (noticed I didn’t say in charge, because to be in charge you have to be allowed to be in charge by the people above you in the management hierarchy.)

Jody Jones has a solid reputation, unwavering professionalism, and decades of experience, and she’s not backing down from the challenge.  But the City seems bound and determined to run her off.  Why else would they lay off more than half the staff just weeks after she arrives?  Why are the managers who work directly under her being transferred or “Riffed”?   We’re told morale is so low at the shelter (and the temperature still so hot), it’s palpable.  Sure, the folks at Code Compliance insist the  AC is fixed.  And still do.  It’s not.  Supplies are short.  Bills aren’t being paid.  Orders are getting held up.  Why?  We’ll have to find out.  And Jody Jones is scooping poop because someone in Code Compliance didn’t think to send temps over to feed, water, and clean the kennels last week when all 53 of the Riffed staffers were forced to spend the day at City Hall going through the process -whatever that is.

If you’re not upset, you ought to be.  The Commission seems to really like the new director, and even the staff is defending her.  So where’s the breakdown?  We’ve got more research to do, but if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck and walks like a duck….it’s probably Code Compliance.


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  1. I can not and will never understand why so many people don’t care about what happens to these animals and that is in alot of shelters. Why is it so hard to feel what these animals feel everyday while they are at the shelter and have no pity or compassion for them. THey feel pain, sorrow, they laugh and cry just like us so how can we just say “It’s just a DOG” or “Its just a CAT”? Do we hire people who don’t care about animals on purpose. I just know that if each of the shelters including the Dallas Animal Shelter really tried to get the public and sponsors involved, we would be able to save so many lives and have so many volunteers to help. I have spent a lot of money at my local shelters just getting animals shots, fixed or treatment for heartworms etc. We have to start having a heart and caring about the these animals. I can only assume the people involved in making decisions about the shelters and the people who run them do not have soul. They can’t. Also what are we teaching our children? If you are a animal lover than you know what it feels like to love an animal and have them love you back.

    Linda Lippincott

  2. Exactly right about Jody Jones having a solid reputation, unwavering professionalism, and decades of experience, and not backing down from the challenge. She’s exactly what we need and she has the backing and respect of the animal welfare community.

    A lot of us out here have had enough long ago with the continued mis-management at City Hall, yet each new crop of elected leaders just follows the same old pattern. Can you spell “Strong Mayor Form of Government?” I can and this is exactly why I voted for it. The people are not represented under a City Manager form of government.

    As “D” Magazine wrote on the inaugural day for “the new leader at City Hall”…….Congratulations Mayor Rawlings. How does it feel to have less power than Mary Suhm??????

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