The Disconnect

When the City of Dallas Animal Shelter Commission Annual Report for Fiscal year 2009-2010 was released in January 2011, it began with a caustic overview by the Commission, outlining instances of “lack of leadership and supervision; improper management; criminal actions; breakdowns in communication; major facility issues; charges of intimidation and witness tampering; and more”.

Forrest Turner, the head of Code Compliance at that time, was in the thick of things at that point, just months after the HSUS scathing report.  His response?  A memo, which Dallas Observer’s Andrea Grime called “a tad disingenuous” in that it ignores the audit’s clear call for improved management, and tries to paint the whole sorry situation as simply a need for better procedural documentation and to reconcile ”an obvious dichotomy” between the City’s goals and those of the Animal Shelter Commission and the animal welfare community.

If the Commission’s goals mirror the Community’s goals, then why would the City’s goals not be the same?



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  1. Elaine Munch Says:

    The problem is that Dallas Animal Services should be its own department in the City of Dallas and not relegated to being run by Code Compliance, which has proved year-over-year for more than 15 years that it has no understanding of the animal shelter discipline and hardly anything else.

    When are the city leaders going to wake up and allow the hugely important CORE service to report directly to the City Manager? Code Compliance has a very bad reputation, and scandal after scandal has brewed over the years. In fact, I hear a big on may be in the offing? What a surprise!

    Dallas Animal Services is being run extremely well by a group of dedicated professionals led by Jody Jones. Give them the independence they need to do their jobs – and oh, Dallas might just be able to become a “no kill” city without CODE on their backs.

    Note to City Council: Get CODE out of the way of DAS. In fact get, DAS out of CODE altogether. It’s what the citizens and the animals of Dallas deserve. DO IT!

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