Well, That Didn’t Work Out

By May of 2011, things were getting better.  A new Director – one with extensive animal welfare experience had been chosen.  She hit the ground running in mid-July, but by the end of August Code Compliance had laid off more than half the staff. Managers who worked directly under her were being transferred or “Riffed”.  But then Code Compliance Director Joey Zapata assured everyone it was for the best – the new org chart he said, once all is said and done, should show a Program Manager (think Chairman/CEO – Jody Jones), a division manager (COO – someone with experience to run the operations part), four (maybe five?) managers (some from inside and some from out), and approximately twelve supervisors.

Now it appears DAS has a program manager, an operations manager, two managers, and 2-3 supervisors, for 30+ temporary workers, 90+ full time employees, and more than 20 vacancies.

It was all for the best.  Or was it?



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