Should DAS Even Be Part of Code?

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An expert’s take on Animal Services as part of Code Compliance

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We asked American Humane’s Phil Arkow what he thought about Animal Services Departments being part of Code Compliance.


“Code compliance is a fairly common model, but usually in much smaller communities where only one or two officers can handle the entire municipal code enforcement function: in a major metropolitan area such as Dallas, animal services can easily get lost within the morass of other code enforcement concerns. In addition to the usual lack of animal sheltering expertise within code compliance, another downside of this approach is that it denigrates animal control and animal cruelty to the level of weeds, noise, junk cars and other urban nuisances instead of recognizing them as public health, public safety and animal welfare functions.”


He goes on to suggest that “Another model is to recognize that animal services is truly an independent “odd duck” that crosses many lines and to establish it as a free-standing department reporting directly to the Mayor or City Manager. This improves the stature of the department and places it on equal footing with other municipal services, which increases public and interdepartmental regard for the program. It allows the program to cross-fertilize with other departments and not have a particular bias that being housed within any one department usually involves.”


We think it might be time for DAS to be its own department.




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