Does the DAS budget support saving lives?

No, the current DAS budget does not support saving lives.

DAS Adoptions in 2007 were 1,500.  DAS adopted 6,866 pets in 2013.  That is a more than 350 % increase.

DAS Historical Adoption Stats

DAS budget was $ 7,030,000 in 2007.  $ 7,629,000 in 2013.  An increase of only 8%.  Yet everyone one of those adopted pets adopted has to be s/n and vaccinated by law.

DAS Historical Budget #s



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  1. Blog Administrator Says:

    The admins from the We Care About DAS Facebook page will be posting once the discussion gets away. It’s 3 pm now and they Council is still debating changes to the Charter. If you have internet access, you can also watch online at

  2. Elaine Munch Says:

    Is anyone blogging live from the meeting to keep all the people who have signed petitions involved????

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