No Cuts to Dallas Animal Services does not mean more money

Just a quick DAS budget update – the Dallas City Council will be briefed on the City Manager’s latest budget estimates at tomorrow’s Council Meeting.  At that meeting, it is expected to be announced that there will be NO CUTS to Animal Services, and that Dallas Animal Services will be fully funded at current year levels.  That means that the only cut/reduction to the current budget that was proposed – the 50% cut to temp staff – will not happen.

However, that  does not mean that the remaining enhancements are funded.  Enhancements (detailed here), include staff for the PetSmart adoption center, canned pet food, additional vet care/surgery needs, vaccination on intake, rabies prevention for staff, cleaning and sterilization cost increases, property maintenance, repair and replacement of equipment, a new generator, and 10 more desperately needed staff members.  Those items were never in the budget to begin with – but they are are items DAS critically needs.  According to the most recent budget update, they are not likely to be funded, however.  So even with no cuts to the current budget, DAS still may not get the funding it needs.

If you’d like to get involved, you can contact the Dallas City Council and/or attend tomorrow’s City Council meeting to lobby for more funding for DAS and show your support of the good work they are doing.  You may also wish to follow “We Care About Dallas Animal Services“, a grass roots effort to convince City leaders to find more funding for DAS.



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