City Council Contact Info

To contact the City Council member who represents you by phone, visit:

To contact the City Council member who represents you by email, visit:

Be sure to copy the Mayor and the City Manager on all your correspondence.


2 Responses to “City Council Contact Info”

  1. Let’s not go back to the dark ages and in animal control, these animals deserve better.

  2. […] It would be nice if everyone would take a moment to thank the Council and the City Manager for 1) reinstating the Division Manager position at Dallas Animal Services and appointing Lieutenant Walton to fill that position until a qualified candidate can be identified, 2) allowing Lieutenant Walton the leeway to begin to redirect Dallas Animal Services in the direction of a more professional, effective and compassionate department, 3) promising to hire an outside, independent search firm to do a nationwide search for an experienced, compassionate and cooperative Division Manager at a competitive salary, and 4) quickly acting to reassure everyone that Dallas Animal Services’ Rescue Coordinator Mark Cooper was not being re-assigned (although no one we know really believes that was just a misunderstanding). Their contact information can be found here. […]

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