Optional Form Letter

Personalized letters have a bigger impact, but if you simply don’t have time to write your own, feel free to copy and paste this one (just don’t forget to edit the salutation as needed – and please include your full name and address!).

Dear Mayor Leppert: (or Council Member Xxxxxxx:)

As a citizen who cares deeply about the animals in Dallas, I find it unacceptable that the leadership of the City of Dallas has allowed the situation at Dallas Animal Services to deteriorate to an all-time low – both in staff behavior and in the awful conditions of the shelter itself.

This is a local disgrace and a national embarrassment.

It is time for a total house-cleaning of those who neither love nor respect the animals in their care. The city’s leadership should:

1. Reinstate the Division Manager of Dallas Animal Services position (which has currently been cut from the budget);
2. Hire a search firm to do a nationwide search for an experienced, compassionate and cooperative Division Manager at a competitive salary;
3. Allow that Manager to actually manage Dallas Animal Services; and
4. Take DAS out of Code Compliance and make it its own department or put it with Public Safety.

Please implement these four steps NOW.

The animals cannot wait any longer and Dallas citizens won’t wait.


City, ST, Zip


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