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Good News/Bad News, and the Enhancement Bids

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At this time, nothing has changed and DAS is still facing a budget cut of 1/2 of the contract workforce. However, based on the City Council’s responses to calls and emails from concerned citizens, it appears unlikely that they will allow the proposed cut to happen. That’s the good news. The bad news, however, is that the City is still facing a $30 million shortfall, and the Enhancement Bids (B – F below) are critical expenditures that DAS does not have funds for. At this time, none of the enhancement bids for DAS are being recommended for funding by the City Manager and Budget staff.

  • CCS-001 B EAC $365,300.00 4 FTE (includes salary and benefits) + 4 Day laborers. Required to maintain the public/private partnership with PetSmart Charities that has resulted in the department’s first ever offsite adoption center. PetSmart built the center at the cost of $ 450,000. PetSmart provides food and some supplies. DAS provides personel, pets, and operating costs.
  • CCS-001 C Health/Safety $271,000.00 Vet care/surgery needs, animal food, and rabies protection for staff. Evalutation, treatment and vaccination on intke provides a safe environment for staff, volunteers, and visitors and prevents the transmission of zoonotic diseases. Cost of cleaning supplies and chemicals to minimize cross contamination and exposure have increase 200% since 2010. DAS was disqualified from Science Diet’s free food plan in 2010-2011, but no funding for food was ever added to their budget.
  • CCS-001 D Outdoor maintenance $106,000.00 Regular maintenance of property. Climate hardy landscaping, regular mowing (as opposed to our managers buying gas out of their pocket for a borrowed mower), replace worn turf that is causing a public safety issue and bring the shelter’s exterior into compliance with City code.
  • CCS-001 E Indoor Maintenance $197,000.00 Repair and replacement of broken, outdated equipment and purchase generator. When the shelter was built in 2007, no provision was made for repair/replacement of any equipment including exam tables, scales, autoclave, refrigerator, washer/dryer, electronic gate, chairs/desks, paint, sanitization system, anesthesia and more. A generator would keep animals alive and keep staff from being at risk should an emergency arise.
  • CCS-001 F Staffing $537,282.00 Year 1 of 5 Year plan to bring staffing levels up to national standards. Adds 10.5 FTEs as part of a 5 year plan to bring staffing levels up to national standards and allow DAS to respond timely to public safety calls , emergency situations, and efficient service delivery. This enhancement 1 Office Assistant to respond to council requests and report back to citizens and council on associated activities, 1 Veterinarian to meet 7 day, 12 hour/day animal care coverage for 600+ animals, 1 part time veterinarian capable of high volume spay/neuter surgery to meet the 65% increase in surgery demand generated by increase in live release rates and to maintain compliance with City Code, 1 Veterinary Assistant to prepare animals for surgery and monitor post-op for the 65% increase in surgery demand. 1 Coordinator III to head up DAS social media, press inquiries, website development, develop literature and publications, and handle outreach requests, 2 Crew Leaders to supervise the 50 temp workers DAS employs every day. Additional Crew Leaders are needed to sustain operations with only a temporary work force to clean and care for the 600+ animals in the facility and the 64/day incoming, 2 Coordinator IIs to focus on the Mayor’s Grow South Plan and enhance independent evaluations, provide targeted tactical initiatives, and responsive customer services in the council districts south of I-30 abd 2 ASO positions to provide education, enforcement, and efficient response to calls in Southern sector.

Something to consider when you choose a new Mayor for Dallas

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On June 25, 2008, the Dallas City Council voted 14 to 1 to implement an ordinance that requires most pets be spayed or neutered unless the owner obtains an intact animal permit.   The Animal Shelter Commission lobbied hard for the ordinance, tirelessly educating each Council member about the importance of spay/neuter.

Since that time, adoptions and rescues at DAS are up.  Intake is down.  And euthanasia has decreased a whopping 32% when comparing October 2009 – January 2010 to October 2010 – January 2011.  Nearly 2,000 fewer animals were killed during that four month period.

The only City Council representative that voted against the ordinance?  Ron Natinsky.  And now he wants to be Mayor.

Correction:  As a reader with a better memory than I pointed out, Ron Natinsky wasn’t the only City Council representative that voted against the ordinance.  Sheffie Kadane and Angela Hunt did as well.  But Mr. Natinsky is the only one now running for Mayor.   Thanks for the comment!

The culture change at DAS is getting noticed

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There’s an excellent article by Jacquielynn Floyd in today’s Dallas Morning News that proves there are many, many caring people at Dallas Animal Services.  It’s amazing what good leadership can do.   Subscribers can read it at

Think “No-Kill” is a simple solution? Think again.

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There is an interesting article on the cover of last week’s Austin Observer.  Like the recent Dallas Observer piece by Andrea Grimes, it’s well researched and presents both sides of the story.  It’s worth a read.  It may be a precursor of things to come in Dallas.  Check out “Safety Net or Dead End: The politics of Austin animal welfare” and the cover headline reads: “Off the Chain: Austin’s Animal Welfare Advocates Are at Each Other’s Throats”.

Feel free to leave a comment, but be forewarned – attempts to use the comments section to sell books, videos or other promotional materials will be deleted.

Richard Hunter to appear before Dallas City Council

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If you’ve been following the news at all this week, you know that over the weekend Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway gave Michael Vick a key to the City.   Local radio reporter Richard Hunter, who adopted one of the Vick dogs from Best Friends was there, and he had a video camera with him.  He caught it all on tape an confronted Michael Vick.

This morning Richard Hunter will address the Dallas City Council and ask Mayor Tom Leppert to get the key back.  If you can get there, do – Richard needs the support and I expect we’ll hear from each of the City Council members on the situation.  If you can’t get there, tune in now to WRR radio 101.1 FM and listen live.  You may also be able to watch online at – click on View Current Live Video after the meeting starts.

“There are no written guidelines for selection [of animals to be euthanized]. Selection appeared arbitrary and subjective.”

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The more things change, the more they stay the same.   That quote is from Page 69, From “THE HUMANE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES, ANIMAL SERVICES CONSULTATION PROGRAM, CITY OF DALLAS ANIMAL CONTROL DIVISION, December 2001“:

Looking back at predictions for the future

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“The field of animal care and control has become a highly specialized one in the last two decades”.  “Unfortunately, in many ways DAC has failed to keep up with the significant progress made in Texas and the rest of the country.  While planned construction of a new shelter… is a move in the right direction, without modernization and improvement of services delivery of DAC, there will be a new building but the same problems DAC is experiencing now”.