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Altered animals don't create stray, unwanted animals

Posted in Take action! with tags , on June 22, 2008 by Blog Administrator

We hear the breeders stridently saying “why are we being penalized, we’re responsible!”. They can’t get into their heads that it’s not only just about them. But, let’s face it, they are producing goods (dogs and cats) for which there is more supply than demand (or we wouldn’t be killing healthy animals like we do). So, they are part of the problem and no amount of their saying they aren’t changes that fact.

I was on my way to work on Thursday when I came across the dog in these photos. What a lovely lab! I noticed she had on a collar AND tags, so I got out of my car and tried to lure her to me with dog treats. She would have none of it. My plan was to call her owners and return her. No such luck, she just barked at me and ran away.

So, this dog is on the streets, who knows why, perhaps she’s in heat and she’s out and about. I noticed she looked like she had had puppies in the past. Apparently, there’s a positive probability it will happen again. I hear the sound of my tax payer dollars being spent to “dispose” of her puppies.

But, here’s the kicker. If this dog were spayed, then the fact that she got out of her backyard, for what ever reason, means for sure she won’t come back pregnant. Altered dogs don’t get pregnant and they don’t impregnate. Altered dogs can’t create stray, unwanted animals.

Dallasites, stand up for your City. Stop letting irresponsible people, including the breeders, spend your money on killing unwanted animals. Call the Mayor and your Council Person and tell them you support the ordinances and you want them to vote YES on Wednesday.

Don’t wait, the vote is right around the corner.