What You Should Know About Pet Overpopulation in Dallas



3 to 4 million. The approximate number of animals euthanized in shelters nationwide each year. One every nine seconds.


66,000. The City of Dallas responded to over 66,000 Animal

Service Priority calls in FY 2006-2007– 24,000 of these were for

“loose-aggressive” animals.


26,979. The number of unwanted pets euthanized by the City of Dallas in FY 2006-2007. This number does not include animals euthanized by nonprofit organizations or those that die on the streets from extreme weather conditions, starvation, or as a result of car accidents.


500.  The average number of new dogs and cats entering the shelter each week.


450. A conservative estimate of the tons of pet carcasses contributed by Dallas Animal Services to our landfill each year.  Over 8 tons a week.


155. The amount in dollars it costs the City of Dallas to euthanize a dog or cat.


100. Between 80 and 100 dogs and cats are euthanized each day

by the City of Dallas.


93. The percentage of animals entering the Dallas Animal Shelter

last year that were not spayed or neutered.


92. In FY 2006-2007, 92 of every 100 cats taken in by the City of Dallas

were euthanized.


83. In FY 2006-2007, 83 of every 100 dogs taken in by the City of Dallas

were euthanized.


28.  The average number of cats and dogs adopted each week from Dallas Animal Services.


25. The percentage of purebred dogs estimated to be in

shelters nationwide.


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